International Program

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…Habakkuk 2:14a (KJV)

Heritage Academy welcomes international students who desire to attend a Christian school in the United States. We are an SEVP-certified school, meaning we are authorized to issue I-20s to international students.

We accept a limited number of international students who possess a good foundation in the English language and who will work diligently to improve English language skills, pursue excellence in academics, and who will get actively involved in our school programs. Our international students can also help us to better understand the various aspects of their cultures while they are immersed in the American culture.

If you are an international parent or student who is considering educational opportunities at Heritage Academy, please do the following:

  1. Review information on the website.
  2. Contact Marci Muller at Heritage Academy at if you have questions regarding our school.
  3. Download an application packet.
  4. Submit a completed application with required grade reports/transcript, Release of Records form, TOEFL iBT score, and writing samples.
  5. Arrange a date/time for a Skype interview (we will contact you).
  6. If accepted, submit all completed documents included in the application packet, including payment.
  7. Upon receiving all required forms and payment, Heritage Academy will issue the student an I-20.
  8. After receiving an I-20, the student will need to make arrangements to apply for an F-1 visa.
  9. Parents will need to contact an insurance agency to arrange for student health insurance to cover the student while he/she is in the United States. Documentation verifying coverage will need to be provided to Heritage Academy prior to the student’s attending school.

As part of the application process, international students will need to submit an official TOEFL iBT score.* The minimum acceptable TOEFL iBT scores are indicated below:

Incoming 8th graders combined score of 50 with no category score lower than a 10

Incoming 9th graders combined score of 55 with no category score lower than a 12

Incoming 10th graders combined score of 65 with no category score lower than a 12

Incoming 11th graders combined score of 75 with no category score lower than a 15

Incoming 12th graders combined score of 85 with no category score lower than a 15

 * Other recognized English proficiency assessment scores, such as an iTEP SLATE score, may be submitted.

In addition to regular academic classes, international students are required to take an ESL class at Heritage Academy until English skills have reached an acceptable level as determined by faculty/administration or the student has received an 80 or above on the TOEFL iBT with no score below an 18 in any category.

Heritage Academy will place students in homestays with Christian families. Students will be under the supervision of the host parents and are expected to abide by the host family’s rules.

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