Heritage Academy Hosts STEM Night

On Tuesday,  April 10, Heritage Academy hosted their first STEM night. Children of all ages and sizes, including the young-at-heart, attended.  The event included various fun and educational booths for kids to interact with. You could look to the stars at the Tri-State Astronomers booth or visit the Great Wall of China with virtual reality headsets. While eating popcorn and sipping on slushies, kids could learn about the cardiovascular system at the Heart Booth.  The Monarch Butterfly Alliance also participated with a great display about protecting and making a sanctuary for Monarchs. 4-H was on hand making catapults that rocketed marshmallows to the ceiling. There was even a periodic table of the elements constructed out of shortbread cookies made by Stone Werks of Boonsboro, MD.  Among the food, fun, and learning, Heritage Academy took this opportunity to unveil their newly constructed scoreboard for the soccer field. This scoreboard was programmed with the help of Heritage sophomores, Summer Seaward and Colby Reese. Heritage Academy was glad to host an event that promoted the love of academics and built community.  

By Colby Reese